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29 March 2011,     MONTREAL
Transcontinental Media expands digital services
Transcontinental Media has partnered with New York-headquartered Undertone, a specialist in delivery of high-quality streaming video. Undertone, whose 2010 acquisition of Jambo Media cemented its position as one of the top 20 video properties in Canada, seeks to complement Transcontinental’s broad media coverage.
“We want to offer advertisers the ability to use high quality video,” explains Katherine Chartrand, director of communications with Transcontinental Media. “We are very good at most kinds of advertising at Transcontinental, operating everything from local papers in the Atlantic Provinces, Saskatchewan… we represent many other publishers. We also represent the Demand Media site, Canadian Living, Hockey News, and about 300 other websites, but we were not specialized in video production.”
“Transcontinental started out as a printing group,” says Dominique-Sebastien Forest, Transcon’s vice president digital. “We got to where we are by working with the most talented groups. By partnering with Undertone we have gone from a non-player [in video distribution] to a major player, even competing with CTV.” 
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— Tom Czerniawski
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